Environmental Policy &
Energy Saving Tips

At Clearwater Plumbing & Heating we believe that we have a responsibility to care and protect the environment in how we operate.

We strive to adopt the highest environmental standards in all areas of operation, train employees in good environmental practice and continually reassess the environmental impact of what we do.

Clearwater aim to minimise our environmental footprint through pollution prevention practises in compliance with all current legal and other requirements.

We always recycle wherever possible and use registered waste management companies where we cannot.

We also encourage our customers to improve their energy efficiency AND SAVE MONEY into the bargain!

Environmental Policy

Insulate your home
Insulating your home will make a significant reduction on your monthly bills. If your house has cavity walls and is over 20 years old, chances are that there isn't any insulation at all in these walls. A third of the heat you pay for, could be wasted e.g. for every £300 you pay for your energy, £100 could be lost through lack of insulation.

Insulating hot water pipes saves energy as well as protect them from frost.

Current building regulations recommend at least 270mm (10½ inches) of loft insulation. Anything less than 8-10 inches could be adding up to 25% on your energy bills, Double-glazed windows and careful draft-proofing also significantly reduce the amount of heat wasted and are an option well worth exploring. 

Checking for draughts coming through small cracks at your windows or doors is another way to stop valuable heat escaping. A simple layer of sealant can stop your draught issues and keep your home warmer. 

Calculate how much you could save with a new boiler
It’s always worth considering taking a long-term approach to saving on your heating bills. Investing in a new gas condensing boiler for example could more than pay for itself over its lifetime. Todays energy efficient boilers are up to 95% fuel efficient in some cases, and this WILL save you money on your energy bills.

Use Less Energy - SAVE MONEY

Turn your boiler temperature down
With central heating, turning down the thermostat on your boiler by 1 or 2 degrees lower than normal, will save you money and could be up to 10% on your bill each month. Many households have the thermostat set at around 19-20 degrees C.

Turning down to 17-18 degrees C, shouldn't make any noticeable difference, especially if you have followed our earlier advice on insulating your house.

There is no financial outlay for this and it could make a considerable difference to monthly bills. However, the colder it gets, the more noticeable the difference - so keep an eye on the temperature and adjust accordingly.

Use radiators rather than a real open fire 
Radiators are a more energy efficient way of heating your home rather than a coal or log fire. As lovely as a real fire is, much of the heat escapes up the chimney so energy-wise it’s more energy efficient to use your central heating system.

If however you do prefer a fire, many companies now supply high efficiency fires. There are fires available on the market that are flueless and 100% efficient, this means none of the heat is lost up the chimney saving you money on your bills

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Pipe Insulation

Install proper controls on your central heating systems 
Installing thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) and a room thermostat will allow you to set the temperature in every room. The valves control temperature locally in the radiators, so you can keep each room at a different temperature. This will cut out unnecessary heating in rooms you do not use.

Building regulations now stipulate that it is a requirement to install TRVs when upgrading or putting in a new central heating, so it is an essential piece of kit. 

Keep your bedroom cool 
Turning the heating down in bedrooms is one great way to save money. Your body is actually naturally inclined to go to sleep at lower temperatures, so keep the bedroom cooler than the rest of the house. It will save you money and help with sleep.

Put on an extra layer of clothing
Sounds quite silly doesn't it and not really a money saving tip, but if you get into the habit of wearing warmer clothes in your home, then you can have your heating off, or on at a lower temperature and save money. Simple solution and costs you nothing.

Boil only the water you need. 
Boiling only the amount of water you need for a cup of tea could save you £30 a year.

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